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FOUNDER - Brian W Craig


Brian has been employed in the airport’s engineering and construction business for over thirty (30) years.  He is a member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

During this period, Brian has gained extensive experience and knowledge in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of airports, particularly in the fields of airside electrical and electronic systems, working on civil airport, military airbase and Air Traffic Management related projects around the world.

Particular experience has been gained in the planning, design, integration, and construction of the following airport systems:

Airfield Ground Lighting (up to CAT IIIB)

Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring Systems

Navigation Aids (ILS, DME, DVOR)

Primary & Secondary Surveillance Radar

Surface Movement Radar

Meteorological Systems (IRVR & AWOS)

Multilateration Systems

Air Traffic Control Tower Systems

Airside Main & Standby Power Systems

Aircraft Parking Systems

400Hz Ground Power

Apron Floodlighting

Terminal Building – Electrical & Electronic Systems

Specialist experience has also been gained in the planning, design, integration   and construction of all components of a fully integrated Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS) at the following international airports: Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi (UAE) & Lahore (Pakistan).

Specialist experience has also been gained in the planning, design, integration  and construction of the following Air Traffic Management en-route, ground based systems:

Primary & Secondary Surveillance Radar

VHF/UHF Radio Communications

Main & Standby Power Systems

Remote Control & Monitoring Systems

Brian’s broad-based experience has given him a comprehensively knowledge of airport operations and Air Traffic Management related procedures.

Throughout his career, he has successful performed the following engineering and management roles:

Senior Engineer (UK-MOD Airbase O&M)

Operations Manager (UK-MOD Airbase O&M)

Professional & Technical Officer (UK-MOD Airbase O&M)

Senior Airport Systems Design Engineer

Resident Engineer

Project Manager/Engineer

Proposals Manager

Airport Systems Specialist

Expert Witness (Airfield Ground Lighting)

Principal Engineer

Chief Airport Systems Engineer

Systems Design Manager (A-SMGCS) & (AGL)

Systems Construction Manager (A-SMGCS) & (AGL)

Project Delivery and Transition Consultant

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